A New King Kong in Town

After his first noticeable steps at KIKK Festival 2017, King Kong is ready to discover the world and conquer Belgium.

And it seems normal since he has naturally focused on a look about the Territories, thematic of n°0. Through an investigation that embarked him to meeting talents, thinkers and curious people who have agreed to play the game, King Kong No. 0 is tackling Territories through 72 pages.

King Kong listened to them, questioned them and lent them pain, brush and keyboard. With an enthusiastic eye and attentive ear, he also enjoyed portraying a cyclist adventurer, trying  to broke secrets of a crazy Londoner illustrator, and telling the story of an American researcher, among others things.


Free bi-annual and bilingual magazine, King Kong narrating stories about art, sciences, humans, technologies, innovation, cosmos among others. King Kong n°0 is pleased to have gathered contributions of Ingrid Burrington, Sebastian Dicenaire, Julien Donada, Benedikt Gross, Mishka Henner, Joanie Lemercier, Maud Marique, Renée Ridgway, Michi-Hiro Tamaï and François Vacarisas.

Graphic Design :  DAC Collectif 

Printing : Snel Grafics