TRAKK is getting a facelift

TRAKK, Namur’s creative hub and fablab dedicated to multidisciplinary co-creation and development of creative projects, is building momentum. But that’s not all. By 2020, TRAKK, now located on Reine Astrid Avenue, will be moving to the former sports centre of Namur University.

With 1,800 square metres, 120 workstations, a co-working space, a fablab, a creative lab, meeting rooms and a view of the Sambre, TRAKK is further strengthening the digital ambitions of the Walloon capital.

To help carry out the work, TRAKK benefits from subsidies issued by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER). The first one, an amount of about € 4,000,000 granted to the Bureau Economique de la Province (BEP), relates to the purchase of the building and its development and the second covers TRAKK’s programme of cross-disciplinary activities. KIKK’s share of this latter subsidy amounts to a little over € 3,000,000.

TRAKK visuel entrée.jpg

And what will the activities of the new TRAKK be?

As has already been the case since it opened in 2015, the new TRAKK encourages meetings and exchanges between people and organisations whose profiles vary as much as they complement one another (entrepreneurs, artists, students, researchers, designers, citizens, etc.). With practical workshops, cycles of themed conferences (video games, mapping, sound, free software, etc.), exhibitions, debates, and masterclasses, the KIKK association invites its users to embrace rapid innovation processes, prototyping, 3D manufacturing, etc., and thereby contribute to boosting local creativity.

Architecture and development

Acquired by BEP, the new building will be redeveloped while integrating into the urban context in which it is found. Durable and smart, the new TRAKK will promote collaborative intelligence. The facilities are planned to open in March 2019. But as everyone knows, forecasts are made to be broken. We will keep you informed, promise!