Gilles Bazelaire

Director - KIKK

“If slippers could fly, I’d be Chef d'Espadrilles”

A lover of risk and of Mexico, Gilles provides inspiration. He’s got lots of it. As proof, the director of the KIKK is also director of the creative agency Namur Dogstudio. In the not-for- profit association, he deals mainly with management and strategic development. Above all, he has a vision which he uses to support the organisation he’s co-founded. When he dines at the restaurant, which he does quite often, sometimes he brings back the little chocolates that come with coffee. But that’s been happening for a while.

It’s fair to say he looks sharp. A visual communication expert, he has a knack for finding the picture that speaks a thousand words. If he’s suspicious of high certainties, he knows that “the second man to draw arms is a dead man.” Gilles Bazelaire is a tough sort, especially when it comes to defending ideas. He admits, however, to being a sore loser. Sometimes.


Gaëtan Libertiaux

Art director - KIKK

The artistic director of the KIKK enjoys with Katerine, chips and philosophy. He’s interested in the universe, language, music, the way in which thoughts take shape, rythm and lots of other things. For him, everything is first and foremost evolving.

An instigator of collective and intimate experiences, Gaétan Libertiaux is the co-founder of Superbe, a Namur based studio creating interactive experiences. Attentive to emotions, he sees the world through sensations. He also reveals he enjoys visible feelings, gaps and openings, including keyholes. He says of himself that he’s always somewhere else, but deep inside, he’s not really sure.


Marie du Chastel


Marie du Chastel lives in the future present. Not content to move along the line of time in an unorthodox way, she has her own way of travelling through space.

Capable of covering five countries in less than a week, she runs exhibitions, concerts, art openings, festivals, shows, etc. She works tirelessly to develop cultural projects and artistic collaborations in French and English, from evening to morning, everywhere, all the time.

Nothing escapes her radar and when this happens, it’s not by chance. On top of that, the curator and coordinator of the KIKK has an unfailing memory.

The names of places, people and practices - she remembers them. An advantage for her, but also for the team whose minds she’s happy to refresh.


François Chasseur

Fablab manager - Kikk & Trakk

“You have more”

François Chasseur does odd jobs, transforms, designs, builds and transmits. If he’s happy to experience innovations, he puts great effort into finding solutions that he’s careful to provide in turnkey format, however. A teacher, he prefers to attune himself with his audience, to
listen to them. This technique has led to many projects emerging in the Fab Lab which he runs, with students, children, or seasoned professionals involved.

According to François Chasseur, “life can be hacked”. Last time, for example, he used the motor from his oven hood to ignite the fire in his barbecue. Making use of things is an integral part of his work, and it’s the philosophy he shares with the community of makers in which he operates.

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Caroline Monin

Lead project manager - Kikk & Trakk

With her long address book as long as her arm, Caroline Monin always knows someone who knows someone who knows someone. With a phone call or email, Bob’s your uncle! She soothes, organises and restores order where the hurricane hits. An equilibrist, she doesn’t mind questioning, even if it means shaking up die-hard habits.

Caroline Monin tries to bring everything back to reality. Firm and fair, she moves forward and take things step by step undaunted by what might arise in the course of a new encounter. As for solutions, she lays them out before deploying her energy to put them in place. With patience and attention to detail. She knows that “when a tree falls, we hear it; when the forest grows, not a sound.”


Flora Six

Communication manager - Kikk

"why not ?"

Flora Six deliberately chooses the bright side of life. Before changing her mind, sometimes. Because nothing is monochrome. Curious, she asks, does a little digging, and then looks before reevaluating. For her, nothing is set in stone because everything is in movement.

A fan of journalistic experiences - from Thompson to London, from London to Aubenas, from Hemingway to Meltz - she explores, feeling with the keyboard, testing with the mic, whether it’s long or short format - as long as exists. As a human being, she’s guided by the irresistible
desire to observe the world around her and try to describe the quirky, piquant details.


Kat Closon

Project manager - Kikk & Trakk

“Cum Amore”

Eyes on the stars, head on her shoulders, feet on the top of the mountain, Kat Closon doesn't have vertigo. And yet, she has a knack for betting on the unknown. Discovering,
experiencing, and striving. Thinking up new collaborations, spinning connections and managing places are some of her missions. Her unusually demanding nature means she
doesn't give up; consistent, she focuses on the task at hand.

With her strong enthusiasm and raw inner strength, it takes a lot for her to give up; her love of challenges dominates the agenda. And when she faces a turning point, she doesn’t necessarily choose the easiest route.


Crédits Photo : Anne Horel