A lover of risk and of Mexico, Gilles provides inspiration. He’s got lots of it. As proof, the director of the KIKK is also director of the creative agency Namur Dogstudio. In the not-for- profit association, he deals mainly with management and strategic development. Above all, he has a vision which he uses to support the organisation he’s co-founded. When he dines at the restaurant, which he does quite often, sometimes he brings back the little chocolates that come with coffee. But that’s been happening for a while.

It’s fair to say he looks sharp. A visual communication expert, he has a knack for finding the picture that speaks a thousand words. If he’s suspicious of high certainties, he knows that “the second man to draw arms is a dead man.” Gilles Bazelaire is a tough sort, especially when it comes to defending ideas. He admits, however, to being a sore loser. Sometimes.