KIKK Festival is looking for projects!


We are still looking for projects to be part of the market : a showcase about 40 creative, innovative and technological projects from across the world, made by start-ups, artists, small companies, makers or just talented people. Most of the projects were made for commercial purpose, using alternative / open / collaborative ways of development (crowdfunding, open source, open data, collaboration, fablab, DIY, …).

The aim of KIKK Market is :

  • to showcase original and inspiring projects ;

  • to give the public the opportunity to test, manipulate and potentially buy them ;

  • to inspire new methods of business development.

Last year, 15.000 people visited KIKK Market. 30 projects from 10 different countries were exhibited in a 800m2 space.


  • a free demo space at KIKK Market (value : 800€) with light, wifi, furniture and signage

  • a presence on our communication platforms and the opportunity to benefit from KIKK international recognition

  • a chance for your project to be discovered by +15.000 people (KIKK visitors and general public from Namur)

  • the opportunity to network, meet other inspiring start-ups and projects and why not start some collaborations

  • the possibility to sell / organize pre-orders



Start-ups, small companies, artists, students, associations, … or just talented people with an inspiring project. No matter what country you are from, as long as you can speak English or French to be able to explain your creation to visitors. 

! You must be available to come to Namur for 3 days ! 



We are looking for technological, creative and innovative projects, that are somehow « KIKK minded » : a mix of art, science, business, design, music, architecture, interactive media….  It can be installations, software, hardware, kids toys, magic machines, music instruments, a mix of all those things, whatever. Some inspiration here (2016 edition) and here (2015 edition). Preference shall be given to projects made in an alternative / collaborative / open way (using crowdfunding, DIY, open source, etc)

STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT ? Project must be at least at stage of prototype so the public can test and manipulate it

WHEN ? 2-3-4 Nov. 2017 from 10 am to 6 pm. ! Exhibitors must be there the 3 whole days !

WHERE ? In Namur, Belgium. In the very center of the city, next to the other KIKK Festival venues, in a 900m2 transparent marquee highly visible both by KIKK visitors and general public from Namur.