Speculative design comes to Namur in September!

Designer and professor Caroline Wolewinski and design researcher Pedro Oliveira have both being selected to participate in the speculative design residence organised at the Abattoirs de Bommel from September 1 to 22, 2017.

They will have 3 weeks to carry out their respective projects, being an archaeology of objects that don’t yet exist for Caroline Wolewinski, and an exploration of contemporary objects diagnosed by Pedro Oliveira as carrying a curse. This residence will allow the two artists to test various new technologies in the TRAKK Fab Lab, within which they will benefit from the technical support of François, the Fab Manager. 

KIKK, the Goethe-Institute, TRAKK and Namur/Abattoirs de Bomel cultural centre are looking forward to discovering what these 3 weeks will bring to life! We promise you some pictures as a bonus

Speculative design?

Speculative or critical design is an approach proposed by A. Design and F. Raby which uses design as a medium to provoke discussion and debate between designers, the world of industry and the public about the ethical, social and cultural implications of new technologies. It is a critical approach that aims to resist the alienation of mass production by developing alternative and utopian life scenarios. In this perspective, the role of the designer is no longer to simply produce objects for the industrial market, but to script experiences and ideas, and to share them.