We play


Convinced that:

  • sharing goes through meeting,

  • It is necessary to let knowledge overflow,

  • the desire of knowledge must be maintained,

  • at one point, we need to talk,

  • expanding the possible is good for the health,

  • inspiration is like freedom, take it or leave it,

  • the whole is more than the sum of its parts,

  • magic exists,

  • nothing is final unless proven otherwise,

  • the journey starts now,

One fine morning KIKK started on the enchanting highway of what is commonly called event organising.

With a strong heterogeneous DNA, KIKK purposely oscillates between formats in perpetual motion.
Conferences, cycle of workshops, workshops for children, projections, festive and musical evenings, performance art, new forms and materials, KIKK rarely acts alone, preferring to take some partners along on its adventures.

KIKK intends to continue installing places of convergence. It has the enthusiasm of those who think that in general and individually: it's worth a try.


We share


"It is together that monkeys pick the fruit,"

Reveals an unlikely proverb.

Between the lines, you can observe a habit that KIKK has immediately adopted: working tirelessly and continuously with others whose skills and fields of research broaden the ranks and the possibilities.

It’s by mixing the material that it becomes strong, it's by partnering with others that projects come to life. This permanent dialogue that allows the limits of our own imagination to be exceeded.

This logic is implacable, it works every time, with a few menus and large settings.


We explore


From discoveries to surprises, online and live, KIKK continues to push the boundaries of its field of
knowledge. To achieve this, the association travels, in Namur, Wallonia, Belgium, Europe and around
the world.

It exhausts cultural events, festivals, conferences, exhibitions, museums, and any actively creative places.

It likes when it is cross-cutting, when researchers meet makers, artists meet students, children meet encoders, etc.

KIKK reads a lot, listens to podcasts, and music above all, finds tracks, admires new works, feeds from the living tissue that surrounds it.

KIKK opens up, has crushes often, and likes to dig and plunge into new territories Never safe from a new crush, KIKK opens to the world, knowing that both outside and inside, you will always find something to sink your teeth in.


We support


The creative platform KIKK is passionate about new artistic forms of the surrounding world. It is interested in art in general and digital arts in particular.

Supporting the wide network of up and coming artists is a priority to which KIKK commits with a joyful selflessness.

The facilities andsupported works can be described as being experiments addressing the general public. Whether it's productions or co-productions, these works hold a special place at the KIKK Festival, as was the case

in 2014, for example when the collective Lab212 introduced “Portee”, an interactive installation of a music score in space.

Ultimately: a unique piece, shaped by the movements of visitors, was played on the keys of a piano, making the thick stone walls of the church in which the work had been installed vibrate for several days.


So what ?

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