Les Voyages de Capitaine Futur

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Transnational playground for creative experiments

Educating children about the digital world through art, 

that's the whole purpose of the European project "Les Voyages de Capitaine futur". Bench test and production of creative and educational content, it revolves around three original artistic interactive installations, in a series of production workshops, open source sharing tutorials, a website and written research.


Led by four partners

the multilingual co-operation project “Les Voyages de Capitaine futur” is placed at the confluence of digital technologies and artistic programming for young audiences.


Captain futur is an imaginary character, a narrative tool, a laboratory for investigation.

He takes children on a journey of discovery of current art, using their five senses and learning technologies by individual and collective practice.


The project started in May 2017 and will continue until May 2019.




Main Partner