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End of residency talks by Just For The Record & Luiz Zanotello

  • Centre culturel de Namur / Abattoirs de Bomel 18 Traverse des Muses Namur, Wallonie, 5000 Belgium (map)

This residency program is a collaboration between KIKK, Goethe-Institut, TRAKK Namur (Creative Hub & Fab Lab) and Abattoirs de Bomel / Centre culturel de
. For its second edition, the residency program has invited
Luiz Zanotello (born in 1986 in Brazil, lives and works in Berlin) and the collective
Just For The Record (Belgium).

On the 28th of June, they will explain their creative approach and present their work in progress at Abattoirs de Bomel in Namur. 


jftr web.png

Just for the record

The Brussels based collective is investigating biases in the way history gets written, recorded and archived, the influence these biaises have on what / who gets represented and in what way. In the past two years, they’ve been working on cyberspace experiences of collective writing through online platforms like Wikipedia, with a cyberfeminist approach. Building upon what we’ve been working on, we are now exploring new formats to address the intersections between gender and the way history gets written, spoken, drawn, shouted...


The project they are developing in Namur aims to produce physical objects that enter in a dialog with digital ones linked to these concerns. We are interested in how to re-materialize and re-embody our relations to technologies. In French there are two words to talk about
the digital : numérique, which is related to the word “number”, and digital, which in linked to the word “finger”. We would like to observe how our fingers and our bodies inform the way we relate to technology and objects of knowledge. How space and objects are influencing the way we access and produce contents. How it is possible to represent a multitude of truths and not just one side of the story, and how different versions and layers can be made visible.

Luiz Zanotello


Luiz Zanotello (1986 Jundiaí, Brazil) is an artist, designer and researcher living and working in Berlin. His work occurs within new media studies, often by conceiving new critical imaginaries of technology and exploring its narrative, material, and fundamental aspects. Through practice-based artistic research on digital materialities, he crafts electronic installations, machineries and territories for techno-imagination.

Waiting for Rubedo

The work speculates on the imminent burst of Rubedo, the magnum opus of singularity: an artificial intelligence that individuates matter and meaning in one. By means of an infrastructural assemblage where machines cope with their own material apparatuses of matter-entangling and information-production, the work enacts a scenario that yarns between halting, looping, and longing for the forthcoming burst.

Speculative Design

The subject of the residency program, Speculative Design, allows for speculation on how the future could look like and therefore enables a debate over the forms of the future we wish for (or reject). DIt enables interactions and discussions about a possible future, that would otherwise not exist, or only to a small degree. It renders specific visions of the future tangible for participants in real life and allows for a fundamental discussion.

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