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C A P T U R E - exhibition by KIKK festival -

  • Halles de Schaerbeek 22 Koninklijke Sinte-Mariastraat Schaarbeek, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, 1030 Belgium (map)

KIKK invites you to discover an exhibition of 7 artists supported by KIKK festival : Alain Wergifosse, Superbe, Eva L'Hoest, Stéphanie Roland, Mathieu Zurstrassen. Including 3 artists in collaboration with invited curator Juliette Bibasse : Joanie Lemercier, Marie-Ghislaine Losseau & Yann Deval.

The exhibition shows recent projects of those artists who are all using new technologies to capture the world in their own way to create spectral, dreamlike and ethereal environments.

—FINISSAGE on Thursday 23 May 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm—

networking drinks and finissage of the exhibition

General curator: Marie du Chastel
Organized by: KIKK festival

Presentation of the artworks in the exhibition:

=Superbe - SMing, 2018=

SMing is an interactive choir installation offering people the chance to be both a conductor and an entire choir simultaneously. First,  the visitor’s voice is recorded in audio and video. The voice is analysed and software-modified to compose a full choir, from baryton to soprano. People will then lead the orchestra thanks to a connected baton. Users take the control of the choir’s rhythm and intensity and give the music a full artistic privacy. Each screen is a voice of the choir and is created from the original sound that was recorded first. The music is determined by people movements and tone of voice and is inspired by chords of musical writers. The objective is to make people experience the music in a different way, as they are immersed in their own vibration and harmony.

Can we endlessly sample and reinvent the profiles of our lives? Reinterpreting a work while being the matter and the master, the subject and the object? This question seems to echo an essential characteristic of our life, to be another for oneself is essential to the advent of our condition of creative subject. This dissociation is a prerequisite to our desire, the engine of our creative potential. The title of the work evokes this active/passive principle by the two capital letters S (sadistic position) and M (masochistic position) associated with the word "sing". To sing and to make someone sing, to « be sung ».

In this project, the individual (the undivided) confronts his fragmentary dimension (multiplied, divided) and it is this vital relationship that is questioned. Music is certainly what binds us most intimately to nature, and to its creative function. This work is an experiential metaphor of active principles at work in creation.


=Alain Wergifosse - Erosions & Microscopies, 2018=

In his video installations, Alain Wergifosse uses fantasy to explore the limits of what we see and hear. A deep, immersive experience: come and explore the astonishing forms and hypnotic textures of the real and invented hidden side of nature, inspiring to the imagination. Ten slow motion microscopy videos are on show, including eight produced by KIKK with support from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles digital arts Commission.


181104_017_simon.fusillier (1).jpg

=Joanie Lemercier - Brume, 2017=

Brume is a series of works and installations by Joanie Lemercier, using a custom made device made of atomized water. Joanie frees his work from the screen and usual physical devices. He is using space and immateriality as a canvas, creating a mid air floating projection feeling.

Thanks to this volumetric tool, he is modifying our frontal relationship with screen and allowing new interaction between the viewer and the projected image.

Joanie Lemercier is still exploring the possibilities of this new medium with a series of experiences and chapters, questioning our view of reality.

In his work, Joanie is researching timeless subjects like light, matter, geometry. With Brume, he is also interested in the link between water and light.

=Marie-Ghislaine Losseau & Yann Deval - ATLAS=

Atlas is a work between digital arts and visual arts, using real models and VR/AR headsets. Spectators are invited to build imaginary cities using a seed launcher. Each launch causes a house to grow. The growing houses follow some urbanistic rules, adapting to their environment. These cities take on a life of their own, with or without the interactions of users, just like living organisms...


=Eva L'Hoest - Under Automata, 2017=

The images are 3D scans of sleeping passengers recorded during a flight across the Atlantic Ocean. The camera is originally a sensor camera which comes from the video game industry, it is a motion capture device that allows the player to interact directly in the simulation without using any controller game. This tool is specifically made to record human body and is also a technology used as a biometric tool such as for the "Full Body Scan" at security airport. The images were all recorded during the same flight.


capture d’écran 2018-04-13 à 132859.jpg

=Mathieu Zurstrassen - Rhizome=

Rhizome is intimate installation which addresses the theme of transmission of events, forgetfulness and the contemporary ways to transmit and engrave a moment.

It consist of a cabinet topped with a 8mm projector, as the visitors surround the installation, sensors analyze their gestures and their movements, when they detect that a picture or a movie is being recorded with a smartphone, an abrasive mechanism is activated and the physical support of the imagery starts to slowly being deteriorated.  

The information of the moment are transferred to the digital memory of the viewer’s recording tool, which in turn can be used for a new narration or for the sharing on social networks in order to make this memory remain in an actualized form.


Rhizome Capture.jpg

=Stéphanie Roland - Dead star funeral, 2018=

Every hour, a dead star indexed by spatial institutions is negative printed on a paper sheet, thanks to a printer connected to their databases. Then the museum staff drop off the sheet in a water tray, the paper expands, just as the universe, its shape changes few times until its complete dissolution in water. This process is then broadcasted in loop on a video screen.

This protocole, reflecting on digital labor, is inspired by the industry production flow but the aim here is not anymore the production of new objects but their disappearance, in a vacuum factory. The death of a star, very long phenomenon on an astronomic scale, is here transposed to a human experience, within the reach of visitors.

PROFESSIONAL MEET-UP (in French) on Thursday 23 May 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

The Wallonia-Brussels federation (digital arts), KIKK festival and Halles de Schaerbeek invite you to an afternoon of artists’ presentations who will explain their artistic practice to culture professionals and curators: 

Laura Colmenares Guerra,

Carole Louis

Félix Luque Sanchez

Lucille Calmel

Fabrice Sabatier

Claire Williams

Yoan RobinPierre Jean Giloux

Stéphanie Laforce

Eric Arnal Burtschy

Christophe Monchalin 

and Jacques André.

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