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Wallifornia Music Tech

  • Parc Astrid - Quai de Wallonie Liège, Wallonie, 4000 Belgium (map)

Wallifornia Music Tech gathers a lot of different faces. Start-up Garden, conferences, Gaming zone, Hackathon, Wallifornia Park, come and join us!


Coders, artists, developers, companies that need creatives to use your API and build something innovative for the music industry alongside artists and industry mentors will get the chance to learn from experts in Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Binaural sound & Artificial Intelligence. Within 24 hours of intense work, debates and brainstorming, each team is invited to formulate solutions to identified problems and help the music industry move forward.

CONFERENCES ( Professional Convention)
Drawn by the desire to build bridges between artists, audiences, key players and innovators, the whole Wallifornia Music Tech program has been built this year through the curatorial topic “Show me the human side of Music Tech”. Tackling the new age of streaming, deepening artificial intelligence, designing fairer models and new way of monetization, looking for the place where your datas are going. And remember, music is bigger than business!

At the Wallifornia Park, music is the central theme. Artists from all walks of life are invited to let their imagination run wild and share their creations with the public.

A collaborative graffiti wall, mini-karaoke, dance club, interactive mixing deck, temporary tatoos, a brand new stage pop… the Wallifornia Park has it all! At a crossroads between art show and creativity workshop, it is also a place to relax, express yourself or listen to live performances and DJ sets all day long.

The Startup Garden is where the most creative MusicTech fools converge to present their projects to all the festivalgoers and professionals. Using virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, podcast systems, radio hack, sounds experiences, art and science, modulator, social sharing and so much more, take this opportunity to witness the future of music.

Whether you know all the tricks in Mario Kart or you’re simply curious about the latest gaming trends, grab a hero’s guitar, tie your shoes and dive into the interactive gaming experiment at our gaming zone.


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